Case Study: John Fawkner College.

John Fawkner College: developing every child and nurturing the environment in which they live.

  • 80kW solar system installed (across all schools)
  • Currently saving $25,000 per annum in energy bills
  • The schools combined saves the planet 148,000kg of CO2 emissions per annum – taking action in combating climate change!

John Fawkner College (JFC) is a public co-educational secondary school located in Fawkner, Victoria with approximately 400 students from Year 7 to year 12. The school is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and electricity costs.

Thanks to fundraising efforts, JFC were able to match the value of a state government grant, dollar-for-dollar and invested these funds into solar energy. JFC were able to install a 25kW system and now enjoy savings of over $7,000 per year.

Four schools within the City of Moreland (Melbourne) have recently installed solar PV systems totalling 80kW.  The four schools now generate a combined 148,000 kWh of clean electricity each year. Electricity that would otherwise have come from coal. This is the equivalent of taking 37 cars off the road or leaving 148 average lightbulbs on for 8.78 years.

The upshot is that each school now saves enough money on their energy bills to spend on much needed classroom resources.


Case Study: Northcote Rental Housing Co-op

Northcote Rental Housing Co-op: affordable housing that’s not at the expense of the environment.

Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative (NRHC) is an inclusive, member-governed co-operative that provides quality affordable homes for members of the community who receive a low to moderate income.

Established in 1983, NRHC manages 40 properties, including two apartment buildings in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

NRHC were participants in Darebin City Council’s “Solar Savers” scheme and sought to help reduce the power bills for the community houses and individual renters living in a rental co-op.

To help them realise this objective, NRHC introduced solar panels. Since 2014, NHRC has saved the planet over 2.5 million kilograms of Co2 emissions – the equivalent of over 2,500 average-sized cars driven non-stop for over 1.5 days.

Their commitment to solar has enabled them to welcome more people into their affordable houses and explore further ways to become more sustainable.

“We’re really pleased that Darebin partnered with MEFL to facilitate the “solar savers” scheme. Their process was seamless and we felt supported the entire time.

We’re really looking forward to being able to house more residents. And once the panels have been paid off, we’re really looking forward to pursuing additional ways to become more sustainable.”

  • Jen Jewel Brown, Northcote Rental Housing Cooperative

Case Study: Foundation House

Foundation House: an wholistic and enduring approach to advancing the wellbeing of refugees and our environment.

  • 92kW solar system installed
  • 242 panels installed on one building
  • Currently saving $13,000 per annum in energy bills
  • Foundation House saves the planet 45,010kg of CO2 emissions per annum.

Foundation House (also known as the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc) was established to improve and sustain the health, wellbeing and human rights of refugees who have experienced torture or other traumatic events in their home countries. Established in 1987, Foundation House’s principle objective is to reduce the impact of torture and trauma on individuals, families and communities while delivering hope for a better quality of life.

Foundation House has an extensive reach throughout Melbourne and their services extend to rural areas via their partners across much of country Victoria. Their head office is located in Brunswick.

Following the receipt of a rebate*, Foundation House installed a 62.92kw solar system and 242 panels at their head office. The installation of solar has enabled Foundation House to save over $13,000 per annum in energy bills, for day-to-day activities such as heating, cooling, lighting and cooking.

Foundation House now saves 45,010kg of Co2 emissions per annum. This is the equivalent of over four homes worth of energy use for one year.

*Rebate provided through the local council’s Lightsmart Campaign to assist with the upfront costs of solar.

“MEFL provided us with three quotes from a shortlist of tried and tested suppliers – and helped us makes sense of the quotes, once they came in.

Whilst we were really happy with both MEFL and the outcome, the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise came via comments from our staff. I’m the Finance Manager, so it’s a rare day when I receive positive responses from my emails to staff. Comments like, ‘this warms my heart’ and, ‘thank you for doing this for the planet’ made my day.”

  • Manny Bonnici, Finance Manager @ Foundation House

Case Study: Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre

Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre: Welcoming and nurturing everything and everyone is in their nature.

  • 95kW solar system installed
  • 49 panels installed on one building
  • Currently saving $1,222 per annum in energy bills (after payback expenses)
  • SRCC now save the planet almost 11,000kg of C02 emissions annually.

Celebrating its 40th year in 2018, Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre (SRCC) is committed to making everyone’s time at SRCC a positive experience. Respecting Australian heritage and indigenous culture – with emphasis placed on the local Wurundjeri people, is a focal point.

SRCC focuses its teaching on loving nature, respecting the environment and working towards developing sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly.

This passion for the environment was reflected in their investment in solar at their Coburg, Melbourne premises. SRCC committed funds (across a payback period of just over 5 years) to install a 14.95kW solar system across 49 panels on one building. SRCC are currently saving $1,222 per annum in energy bills (after payback expenses) and have realised their goal of reducing their environmental impact and saving money.

SRCC now save the planet almost 11,000kg of Co2 emissions every year. This is the equivalent of one home’s worth of energy use across one year. Or leaving nine average lightbulbs running continuously for 8.78 years.

“We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone and ensuring that each and every visitor has a positive, safe and enjoyable experience when they walk through the doors of SRCC. We encourage lots of laughter and a deep understanding and respect for the environment. Which is why we sought solar panels for our building. We wanted to ensure we were getting the best possible and most ethical deal for our centre and MEFL were a big part of that process. They helped us understand what to look for and provided support at each critical stage.

Thanks to MEFL and Positive Charge, we’re now looking forward to investing our new annual savings into additional initiatives for our community and our environment”

  • Shirley Robertson Children’s Centre

Case study: Baptcare

Baptcare: cherishing the person, the community and the environment.

  • 10kW solar system installed
  • 2 buildings
  • Baptcare saves the planet over 7,200kg of CO2 emissions per annum.

Baptcare’s mission is to facilitate fullness of life for people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances. Located in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, Baptcare has more than 2,000 dedicated staff who deliver better outcomes for more than 13,000 community members. Their members’ needs are varied and range from residential aged care, retirement living, in-home care, family and child services, affordable housing and disability services.

Baptcare were concerned for the residents of two of their buildings in Brunswick. They sought opportunities to improve energy efficiency and comfort level, whilst saving money on outgoing expenses. Outgoing expenses included powering resident computers, mini fridges and washing machines.

A 10kW solar system was installed to support both buildings. Baptcare now saves on outgoing expenses and saves the planet over 7,200kg of Co2 emissions per annum. This is the equivalent of at least one home’s worth of energy use for over six months.

“MEFL were very thorough and professional and even helped us identify issues that were beyond their scope. They made us aware of the issues and advised us how to act for getting the best and safest outcome. They weren’t just trying to make a buck. They were acting with our interests in mind.

Once we start to realise some consistent savings across the buildings, we’ll look forward to working with MEFL on some of the bigger energy efficiency initiatives. Highly recommend.”

  • Liam Henderson, Sustainability Coordinator, Baptcare