Case study: Baptcare

Baptcare: cherishing the person, the community and the environment.

  • 10kW solar system installed
  • 2 buildings
  • Baptcare saves the planet over 7,200kg of CO2 emissions per annum.

Baptcare’s mission is to facilitate fullness of life for people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances. Located in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, Baptcare has more than 2,000 dedicated staff who deliver better outcomes for more than 13,000 community members. Their members’ needs are varied and range from residential aged care, retirement living, in-home care, family and child services, affordable housing and disability services.

Baptcare were concerned for the residents of two of their buildings in Brunswick. They sought opportunities to improve energy efficiency and comfort level, whilst saving money on outgoing expenses. Outgoing expenses included powering resident computers, mini fridges and washing machines.

A 10kW solar system was installed to support both buildings. Baptcare now saves on outgoing expenses and saves the planet over 7,200kg of Co2 emissions per annum. This is the equivalent of at least one home’s worth of energy use for over six months.

“MEFL were very thorough and professional and even helped us identify issues that were beyond their scope. They made us aware of the issues and advised us how to act for getting the best and safest outcome. They weren’t just trying to make a buck. They were acting with our interests in mind.

Once we start to realise some consistent savings across the buildings, we’ll look forward to working with MEFL on some of the bigger energy efficiency initiatives. Highly recommend.”

  • Liam Henderson, Sustainability Coordinator, Baptcare

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