About Us

The Big Solar Switch is a joint venture by Community Buying Group and Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL).

A little bit from the team at Community Buying Group:

CBG-Logo-LinkedInLaunched in 2016, Community Buying Group is the buying alliance for the not-for-profit and community sector.  Today, our network ranges from some of Australia’s largest charities to Australia’s smallest community organisations.  We do the hard work so the community sector doesn’t have to.

Community Buying Group creates value by harnessing the collective commercial power of Australia’s not-for-profit (NFP) sector.  In supporting the NFP sector to achieve a better deal in negotiating key procurement decisions (such as electricity), we aim to provide a more sustainable and customer centric supply chain.

As a shared value initiative, we exist to save the community sector time and money by negotiating better rates and terms. Community Buying Group is a proudly certified B Corp (B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fairtrade certification is to coffee).  Community Buying Group was also named one of 200 Businesses of Tomorrow by Westpac due to its potential to shape Australia’s future.

Let us tell you a little bit about how we do business:

Community Buying Group exists to create value not simply profit.  We are values led and purpose driven.  We aren’t ordinary. Evenly balanced with the creation of economic value is the creation of social and environmental value.

We believe in a fair deal for organisations and the people working on the front line of social and environmental issues in Australia.  We don’t put short-term profits over long-term sustainability.

We value the trust of our partners. Our relationships with our stakeholders are genuine. We care about how we do business as well as what we do. We are here to serve not be served.

Visit us at communitybuyinggroup.org 

A little bit from the team at Moreland Energy Foundation:

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Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We are dedicated to tackling climate change. We work with households, businesses, community groups and governments on innovative ways to implement sustainable energy supply and reduce energy use.

In February 2013 MEFL set up Positive Charge, a not-for-profit social enterprise. On behalf of subscribing local councils, Positive Charge provides energy expertise and independent advisory services to households, community groups and businesses; delivers community engagement programs; and provides data and shares knowledge to facilitate councils moving to a sustainable energy future. Through Positive Charge we are committed to reducing carbon emissions at scale.

Visit us at https://www.mefl.com.au/