When registering for the Big Solar Switch, you may also want to consider potential funding options for your project.

Federal, State and Territory Government Rebates

Australian, state and territory governments offer a range of rebates and assistance. This page lists a number of available options.

Building or Environmental Upgrade Finance

Building or Environmental Upgrade Finance (BUF/EUF) is a council-based financing mechanism enabling building owners to better access finance for environmental upgrades to existing non-residential buildings. Under an BUF/EUF agreement, a lender provides funding to a building owner and the local council collects repayments through the rates system. The council then passes the property charge onto the lender.

Two States currently offer this, SA and VIC. For more information see links below:

SA – Building Upgrade Finance
VIC – Environmental Upgrade Finance also on the Sustainability Victoria site.

TAS – Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (to April 2019)

A joint initiative of the Tasmanian Government and Aurora Energy to assist the Tasmanian community with the purchase of energy efficient products.

Available for Home and Small Business for funding purchases up to $10,000 – for more info see here.

Green Loans

A number of banks provide green loan options, so it’s a good idea to check with your own bank to see what’s on offer. Of the major banks, currently ANZ, NAB, and Westpac offer discounts off their usual rates for investment in solar power.

BSS City

Local Government Loans

Aside from the Upgrade funding mentioned above, Local Governments (Councils etc) sometimes offer grants for investment in solar so check with them as well.