How it works


Powering your organisation with solar energy is a no-brainer.  But choosing a system, managing the process and understanding what system will suit your organisation can be tricky… that’s why we created the Big Solar Switch.  Big Solar Switch provides impartial advice and support through our partners at Moreland Energy Foundation’s Positive Charge program.  Big Solar Switch is here for the not-for-profit sector – we’re on your side.

Solar power can save your organisation money on energy bills. Solar power is a great fit for community groups and organisations, in particular if they use power during the day when the sun shines! The price of solar has come down a lot in recent years and if you can match the right system with your energy usage, the return on investment can be as quick as three years.

Want to know more?

Visit the FAQs page via the menu above or you can get further information on solar from Sustainability Victoria or the Australian Government.

Keen to get started?

Simply Register via this website.  You’ll then receive more information from us on the next steps. Below is the process on participating in the Big Solar Switch.  The program provides a best-value guarantee and is free, voluntary and no-obligation.